Flourish® is a web-based platform, anchored by Insignia’s Patient Activation Measure, or PAM®, that helps people improve their ability to manage their own health. Flourish uses insights from PAM as well as biometric measures, clinical outcomes and self-reported health risk assessment data to help all individuals improve their “activation”—assisting with everything from disease prevention to chronic condition management. Flourish achieves this by building individualized health education programs that uniquely develop a person’s activation or self-management ability.

Flourish uses game mechanics, including a system of challenges, social networking, and rewards.   This system of challenges guides a user through articles, tip sheets, videos, quizzes, tracking and social networking opportunities, and recognizes accomplishments through a system of badges and medals.

Flourish launched in April 2014.

This platform is unique in that it’s customized for each individual patient’s needs, and we know from a decade in this field that to truly engage people in their own health, we have to meet them where they are.
— Chris Delaney, Founder and CEO of Insignia Health